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Tuck a horseshoe into your bridal bouquet or sew it into your gown. Some modern brides will wearing a simple horseshoe charm on a necklace or bracelet, but always in the upright position so no luck falls out! Usually made of porcelain or silk. Celtic wedding tradition: Buy a marriage bell It's an old Irish tradition to present the bride and groom with a bell. The bell affords good luck, and if at any time during the marriage there is "discord," the ancient Irish remedy for lovers' quarrels is to ring this special bell and break the spirit of discontent and renew again the spirit of love. Buy one for your new home together, or at your wedding ceremony, have your greeters hand out tiny bells to your guests to ring as you process. Guests can also ring their little bells at the reception in lieu of clinking glasses.  This is a sign of fertility. Begin your new journey wearing something familiar, and don old shoes at your wedding. If you'd rather your shoes be your "something new," you can tie several pairs of old shoes to the back of your car instead of tin cans.

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