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Drew Scott and Fiancee Linda Phan Admit They 'Know Nothing' About This Important Wedding Detail

On this week’s episode of Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House, the couple is taking a break from renovating their Los Angeles property to check out floral arrangements at J Flowers. There’s only one problem, though: “We know nothing,” Linda admits. “We know what colors we like — sorta.” “We’re definitely going to need some professional help,” Drew adds. They may not have done much research, but Drew did come dressed for the part. “I knew we were going to look at flowers, so you gotta wear your good flower shirt,” he says of his plant-patterned button-up. RELATED VIDEO: The ‘Property Brothers’ Open Up About Finally Finding Love A combination of burgundy, white and pale pink blooms catch Linda’s eye as she crafts her custom bouquet. “It’s so fun and so different,” she says. The pretty pairing will also inspire what Drew describes as the “centerpieces and whatnot” for the rest of the Italian affair. “It’s like designing a house,” Drew says of the process.

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