Updated Answers On Details For Wedding Location

Take These 5 Common Items Off Your Wedding Registry Specific Cocktail Glasses Unless you and your future spouse constantly love to sip on martinis , make Manhattans in your spare time, or pop Champagne every time you have a good day, pass on specialty barware. All of those highball glasses, martini glasses, beer mugs, and red wine glasses will take up an incredible amount of space in your kitchen. The average party guest wont mind drinking a margarita out of a juice glass trust us. Fine China When you enter into any department store to register for your wedding gifts, one of the first areas the consultant will lead you to is the fine china section. Precious, expensive dinner plates, tea sets, and soup bowls look so appealing but will clog your cabinets and rarely get used. When was the last time you attended or threw a formal dinner party ? If the answer was within the last three months, then congratulations: You live a very posh life and probably need fine china. Otherwise, these plates will only get whipped out during the holidays. Save your familys money for something more useful. Knife Sets A full knife set, complete with a fish knife, slicing knife, six-inch utility knife, and a wooden block may feel essential, it isnt. Any chef will tell you that you really only need three knives: a chefs knife , paring knife, and serrated bread knife.

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